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500mg - $69 USD, 750g - $89 USD

Our NEW Zero THC has arrived. THC Free CBD Oil comes in two strengths: 500 mg and 750 mg.

The THC FREE CBD Oil is 99.5% Hemp Derived Crystalline CBD. It’s potent and will NOT SHOW UP ON A DRUG TEST!

Were you concerned about the tiny trace of THC showing up in a drug test? We have you covered!! Military, Medical, Police, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Nurses, Government Workers can now enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD without all that worry about the risks of losing their job!

Just launched on Apr 26, 2018.  Get your order in today. We are now taking PRE-ORDERS for our Zero THC 500mg and 750mg for the peppermint flavour.

**Please NOTE: US orders will start on ship May 7 and International orders will start shipping on May 14.

HempWorx has several products that contain zero THC, which means they are safe, effective and will not make you "high".  Our CBD skin care line is becoming increasingly popular for wrinkle prevention, reduction of fine lines, and disappearance of age spots. We offer RENEW and REVIVE skin care for anti-aging.

We have MANY products available. If you are unsure about which product is best for you, please call 1-888-777-7058 for assistance.

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