Compare CBD. HempWorx vs Store Brands

Compare CBD

Let’s compare CBD. Many hemp products found in stores are often made with just hemp seed oil, therefore often contain only minimal trace amounts of CBD. Although, hemp seed oil can be an excellent source of nutrition, the marginal quantity of CBD per weight makes it inadequate as a CBD supplement. HempWorx CBD hemp oil, however, is extracted from the entire plant, including the stalk of specifically selected hemp cultivars, which offers much higher percentages of CBD by weight plus additional nutritional benefits.

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HempWorx CBD products are organic, non GMO, natural, made in the USA, and extremely rich in the raw materials we use. We utilize the full spectrum Cannabis plant so that our customers will experience much greater results with our products than any others found in stores!


FREE of Contaminants

Our hemp plants are grown in Kentucky, free of all chemical fertilizers, no herbicides or pesticides. The quality begins with the plant itself. We test our hemp oil multiple times, between harvest to manufacturing, to ensure accuracy in potency information, and also to double/triple check for contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and even mold. When we extract our oil, we use a subcritical CO2 method, rather than using harsh solvents. CO2 is the preferred method and is “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) by the FDA. Due to this method of extraction, our purity level is reflected on the FULL SPECTRUM of CBD, CBG, CBN, etc. HempWorx is much more potent and powerful compared to other companies that advertise 99% purity.

When we compare CBD, other company’s oil is usually in the form of an “isolate” or “extract”. CBD isolate is cheaper to manufacture, but loses effectiveness. NOT ALL CBD IS EQUAL. Be cautious of all the ingredients listed when purchasing CBD Hemp Oil. Many companies use alcohol, coconut oil etc., as extra fillers.


HempWorx. World’s PUREST CBD

It contains 80% CBD, 20% Hemp Oil, and some contain peppermint flavoring. Hempworx has over 120 cannabinoids in our CBD formulas which perfectly inhibits the CB2 receptors in the body.

HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD products offer a much higher “true purity” level, in a potent formula. Our drops come in a 500mg and 750mg strength.

Our CBD skin care products, contain the most powerful anti-aging ingredients on the market, providing a clear complexion (bye bye acne), reduced fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and more. CBD is the NEW skin care regimen.

Our CBD is 100% legal. The full spectrum oils may show as detectable in urine or saliva tests. If you undergo testing for employment, we strongly recommend that you purchase the THC FREE CBD Oil.

Compare CBD. HempWorx vs Store Brands.We are so confident in our products, that we offer a 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee!Try a 1 oz. bottle of Hempworx CBD Oil for a FULL 60 days and FEEL the difference yourself!

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license.